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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ghana’s Wanlov Stirs Controversy; Raises Doubts About God As The Creator Of Man

By Stephen Kwabena Effah

He has incurred the wrath of some religious sects in Ghana and Nigeria for his pointed criticism of the social norm. His often sarcastic music lyrics and social media commentary have earned this maverick the ire of many a God-fearing folk, yet Ghana’s Wanlov Kubolor appears unrepentant.

Known for his repulsive antics, eccentric behaviour and music, the Afro-Gypsy entertainer has stirred up another controversy with what could be best described as a ‘series of blasphemous comments’ in the Christian circles.
The “Thank God We’re Not Nigerian” artiste, Tuesday morning, posted a comical image on Facebook of a pensive Biblical Joseph, questioning why God impregnated Mary when He could have created His own son, Jesus Christ.
“And then, a thought came across Joseph’s mind: If God created Adam from mud and dust…Couldn’t He create his own son instead of f**king my wife,” Wanlov said of Joseph.
Four hours later, he posted another image; this time of a father and son having a conversation about why God created man. In his own accompanied comment, Wanlov condemned Jesus’ moral duplicity.

He captioned the image: “Jesus believed in slavery so he was a corrupt unholy person therefore all your sins from titilay are all still on your hard drive (Luke 12:47-48)...”
Wanlov’s outspoken disdain for Judeo-Christian beliefs has, as usual, attracted sharp rebuke from his fans on Facebook who questioned the moral justification for such posts.
Perhaps in another attempt to demonstrate his enmity of Christianity, Wanlov recently changed his name on his twitter account from “Wanlov the Kubolor” to “Wanlov Christ”.
Wanlov, who prides himself as being the “father of five children in five different countries” in the world, unlike his musical brother M3nsa, has widely been criticised for his eccentric behaviour and comments. 
A vocal critic of the anti-gay campaign, Wanlov, on March 9, posted a statement suggesting that Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammed would have been arrested or killed for being gay if they were to live in Nigeria.
Such comments have received stern condemnation and sometimes threats by the public but the man, whose stage name Kubolor in a local language, Ga, means Vagabond, has consistently ignored them.
In early March, Wanlov and M3nsa, who form the FOKN BOIS duo, released a new video in which they claimed “everyday when the Boko Haram go off on various missions, the FOKN Bois keep their wives, sisters and daughters company”.

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