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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

‘Africa’s Cutest Couple’ (Elikem+Pokello) Reinforce Love, Steps Up Marriage Plans

By Stephen Kwabena Effah

It is said that opportunity comes but once, and the iron is best strike when it is hot. And that’s exactly what Big Brother Africa reality-show chase mates, Elikem Kumordzie and Pokello Nare are   doing.

The lovebirds, whose relationship was reported to have ended on the rocks early this week, have capitalised on the media fuss to solidify their love, which is now being changed to a second gear.

Following from the rumours of their breakup, which shocked thousands of Africans, Elikem has stepped up his plans to walk the sexy Zimbabwean television star down the isle.

In what could qualify as a poem, the Ghanaian fashion designer late Thursday posted a photo of his fiancée with words extoling the qualities and beauty of the lady he claimed to have ‘snatched’ from someone.

Not just that, Elikem hinted of speeding up marriage plans in order to seal their love by putting a ring on Pokello’s finger to end the recurring rumours of relationship breakups in the media.

“She (Pokello) has given me reasons upon reasons why I would be the dummest (dumbest) Nigga if I don't speed up this process and put…” Elikem posted on Instagram.

Apparently feeling humbled by the words of his fiancé, Pokello tweeted:

Obviously, Elikem has fallen head over heels for Pokello. He tweeted the same picture of Pokello dressed in one of his designs, with a revelation that he stole Pokello from an unnamed person, but said he would not give her back.

In a tweet response, Pokello jokingly wrote: “you are therefore charged with premeditated armed robbery” claiming Elikem stole her at gunpoint.

Some fans of the lovebirds also responded to the tweets describing the pair as “the cutest couple in Africa” while others found him “guilty of thievery,” and accordingly “sentenced (Elikem) to life imprisonment with Pokello”.

Well, the future looks bright for this pair who have been pursuing not only a vibrant relationship after the Big Brother House but also an African inspired clothing line –Polikem.

Will a walk down the isle by the pair end all the frequent reports and rumours of a breakup?

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